a long piece of wood or metal with a chain and then a ball (usually spiked) attached; it is used for smashing noggins
by The Wraith November 05, 2003
The word "Flail" can have many meanings. In todays culture its mainly used to descride the way teens or young adults act in public after about 3AM. i dont know if the dark has an effect on their not fully matured minds? i believe its because they feel as though they have super powers after 3-4am. the youngsters 'Flailing' become insanly witty and use their mind to humiliate themselves and the others around them. Including strangers that happen to be going about their lives and randomly run into a group of 'Flailers'. The 'Flailing' youth really show their true potential during this event. It allows them to seperate from one-another and be independant while seeing who can think of the most ridiculous antics to pull. This act is normally after the 'Flailers' have tangoed with a drug called Crystal meth so their brains are running at full capacity. It also influences their actions in a hilarious, smart assy type of way. Which makes for a evening thats unforgetable!..but already forgot at the same time.
(from one flailer to another) "yo you wanna role over to walmart and flail like a motha fucka?"

(after a ridiculous Flail) "holy shit! did you hear that dude yell 'Fuck off tweakers!' then run to his car?! - Fellow Flailer
"Ye man! i knew calling him a 'long haired nazi praire nigga snagle tooth motha fucka' was a great Flail! thank god we have a big enough group to where he cant even try to put harm onto us!." -Flailer

"I wish i would have thought of that!" - Fellow Flailer
by Tilferd October 27, 2013
A better way to say Fail
Man #1: Hey, so Katie, how long have you been pregnant?

Katie: What? I'm not pregnant?!

Man #2: Flail.
by WhatAFlail July 24, 2012
an uncontrolled movement, spastic in nature. An unsuccessful courting ritual during the act of a white "man-child" dancing.
Flail...eg a fish out of water. Also ref: Gumby.
by Empedocles July 18, 2009
To wave ones arms in the air in a spastic, awkward manor. Most commonly performed by gays.
The closet homosexual was flailing his arms in the air when he heard about the I Love Lucy marathon.
by Heidi Montag July 10, 2008
More advance word for fail
Man you so flail that shot
by Dead_Duck February 04, 2009
Victoria, BC
A person who degrades a situation. If someone is late they are flailing. Your chillin with your buds and one of them is a mooch and a complainer, they're a flail. Everyone shows up and the booze is already gone, that's a flail situation.
Kim hid my weed, sorry guys, she flailed us out.

Ben's coming? What a flail!
by WhiteyB Dragon December 13, 2009

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