Another word for 'fail'
He just fell over, flail.
by lolfez November 18, 2010
an uncontrolled movement, spastic in nature. An unsuccessful courting ritual during the act of a white "man-child" dancing. a fish out of water. Also ref: Gumby.
by Empedocles July 18, 2009
A better way to say Fail
Man #1: Hey, so Katie, how long have you been pregnant?

Katie: What? I'm not pregnant?!

Man #2: Flail.
by WhatAFlail July 24, 2012
To wave ones arms in the air in a spastic, awkward manor. Most commonly performed by gays.
The closet homosexual was flailing his arms in the air when he heard about the I Love Lucy marathon.
by Heidi Montag July 10, 2008
More advance word for fail
Man you so flail that shot
by Dead_Duck February 04, 2009
Victoria, BC
A person who degrades a situation. If someone is late they are flailing. Your chillin with your buds and one of them is a mooch and a complainer, they're a flail. Everyone shows up and the booze is already gone, that's a flail situation.
Kim hid my weed, sorry guys, she flailed us out.

Ben's coming? What a flail!
by WhiteyB Dragon December 13, 2009
v., To fuck oneself six ways from Sunday.
Dude, I flailed so bad with her bra that I never even got to see her tits.
by Jaggo March 21, 2004

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