Someone who thinks indie rock is way cool until someone else listens to it.
Dude, the kid listens to The Decembrists now, he's such a poser.

Chill out, you're such a Flaherty...
by Krunk Master Flex November 04, 2005
Top Definition
1. the scum of the earth
2. the white stuff you get between your teeth when you're dehydrated
1. Jack: 'Man, i've got aids.'

Dave: 'Thats nothing, try having flaherty'

Jack: 'Ouch'

2. Flaherty sack
by flahertyfan1 October 29, 2011
oh hey that girls french not irish...dude her last name is Flaherty, she's irish.
by SALLYSUX January 15, 2011
The type of laugh that comes right after something that is said, that really isn't funny. It's more of a burst of air than anything else.
Dude1: Hey dude, I heard you could smoke weed out of a tampon.
Dude2: What's a tampon?
Dude1: *Flaherty*
someone who needs regular fucking (ie on the hour) or she gets quite testy and takes it out with general aggression. passive aggression, sarcasm, shit jokes etc.

also a general bitchwhore
'o you actually got out of bed before twelve good for you'
'stop being such a goddamn flaherty!'
by Gregoregory October 30, 2007
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