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adj. An act that is justified, and often praised, merely because a highly respected person is doing it. No further justification is necessary.
'Dude you can't smoke it's bad for you'
'No, McMorrow smokes. It's totally colm'
'Fair enough'
by Gregoregory October 30, 2007
someone who needs regular fucking (ie on the hour) or she gets quite testy and takes it out with general aggression. passive aggression, sarcasm, shit jokes etc.

also a general bitchwhore
'o you actually got out of bed before twelve good for you'
'stop being such a goddamn flaherty!'
by Gregoregory October 30, 2007
simply performing oral sex on a woman when she is on her period.
'just because im on the rag doesn't mean u can't lick me out'
'shit no bitch i ain't givin you no rainbow kisses'
by Gregoregory October 30, 2007

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