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1. One who works hard on being un-fit or large. The opposite of Fabio Lanzoni.

2. One who is already over-weight and persists to do nothing about it.
Dale always complains that he is over-weight, but notice his 3 baconator lunch; he is Flabio!
by Lauro Chavez October 19, 2007
An out of shape man with long hair. Sometimes Flabios will actually go shirtless and showcase their sub par physique. They aim to be like Fabio, who is also pretty lame, but they are far worse.
Hey, get a load of the Flabio on the beach!
by shane ivory February 03, 2010
a fat, dwarf like character that likes to ski and play drums
that joe holts a right flabio
by baggy man March 30, 2005

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