completely shocking,with a hint of sarcasm!!
Ohh my God i am flabbergasted
by elyce McHugh April 26, 2005
Top Definition
surprised and flumoxxed
by mikelucky October 28, 2003
To be in a state of confusion or surpise
I was "flabbergasted" after the bus ran over vicky.
by Cameron Springer November 08, 2005
To be surprised, shocked, astounded, horrified, agitated, etc...
1: I'm sorry mom, but I got a 5% on my test......
2: My god! I am flabbergasted
by neko-desu~ October 23, 2009
When someone is not just shocked or surprised--but extremly surprised by a situation, verbal responses, etc.
Jan: Man I'm so flabbergasted that I had sex.
by asadmoon September 10, 2008
surprised or shocked but also sounds like a fart
who just flabbergasted?
by 572389420394283 July 27, 2011
The act of being surprised, shocked or amazed.
Susannah: I was so flabbergasted when maddy raped me, i screamed and then died.
by thisamazinglifenow February 06, 2010
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