Used to describe yourself of someone else who is very stoned.
I smoked 3 joints and now I'm flabbergasted.
by Simmo April 02, 2004
1. To be astounded by how ugly your face is.
2. Consumed with gas.
OMG! Your mom is so fcuking flabbergasted!

I feel flabbergasted with gas.
by Dvhs January 31, 2006
A adjective meaning exciting or intriguing.
Alice was flabbergasted after she spotted her mother smoking a joint with the housekeeper.
by She'sNotAHipster May 30, 2016
The word mostly used by americans meaning shoked in a good way
WOW, man, the star wars are releasing this friday
Chumbley: That's flabbergasted!
by rex33362 January 04, 2016
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