Anglicized attempt at Ebonic slang for of "fuck." Most often heard used by relatively affluent, suburban, caucasian, high school students trying to get "down wit da homies, BIATCH!"
What da fizzuck, homes?! Dat bitch be MY junior prom date, dawg!"
by Funk Naz-T August 12, 2003
Top Definition
fuck; with a hint of cool
let's get the fizzuck outta herre!
by andyfellovernet April 03, 2003
(verb). the act of spending all afternoon in bed engaged in carnal acts and then feeling exhausted in a mutually post-coitus state.
I cannot believe we just fizzucked for six hours... I'm so grateful that you're unemployed.
by Karate/Ka-razy August 09, 2011
A word often used by teenagers in place of "Fuck", to avoid profanity. Similar to @#$.
That's fizzucked up!
by hitokiri_diesel January 20, 2004
man that was stupid.
im white, and i say fizzuck.
i dont say it to be cool, i say it to mock hoods, dipshit.
take your pseudointelligent ass outta here, "homes".
*i mess up on my cad design repeatedly, so i say...
"oh fizzuck"
or just...
by KIP)ManicLurker November 21, 2004
This is a less harsh form of the common swear word fuck. This is commonly used as fizzuck, fizzucker, or fizzuck face.

That Fizzucking Bitch!
by joshrt April 01, 2005
a word i use to replace the word fuck, i got it from lil wayme if u really wanna know.
"We dont give a fizzuck my nigga, we young and bizzuck. We will fuck a nigga shit up, if nigga is fucking wit us, and then pump em make em lift up, hit em up and be out (we out). For cash mother fuckin money baby"
by lil lisa January 23, 2005
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