Top Definition
Too much foreplay.
If you keep fiveplaying him, he'll keep coming too soon!
by LudwigVan December 06, 2003
Foreplay leads up to eventually having sex, however five play often does not. Five play is when a man inserts all 5 of his fingers into a woman's vaginal cavity and then separates each finger from one another. There aren't too many men that could fill such a large hole while having sex. When this is done sexually it is often followed by some form of a humiliating act such as a golden shower, or dirty sanchez. This practice does serve useful when prepping a woman to smuggle large packages of narcotics into other countries.
Last night Jenny and I fooled around, and it turned into five play. I nearly lost my watch, so I left her with a dirty sanchez so she could be as disgusted as I was.
by fartwhisperer July 18, 2010

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