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What G-Unit members do to Fifty Cent when they are horny.
Hey Fitty, here's your 2 quarters, bend over, time for a Five On One...
by TruthMaster August 30, 2006
A slang word for male masturbation. It refers to your 5 finers on your penis, hence 5 on 1.
Hey man, i'm horny, i think i'm gonna go do a lil 5-on-1.
by The Pimp February 03, 2003
another definition for yankin your crank
My girlfriend wouldn't put out again so I had to go play some five-on-one.
by Doyle November 14, 2003
A term for masterbation. As in you are playing five against one.
Where is Johnnie?

He is watching some midget porn and playing five on one.
by Nick Franocne September 13, 2006