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Mayor of New Orleans who failed to put his people on the buses which sat empty for 5 days while hurricane Katrina approached. Turned down an offer from Amtrak to assist him in evacuating people before the hurricane hit. Now those people are dead or homeless and he looks to blame others for his incompetence.
Ray Nagin: "When we rebuild this will be Chocolate City again..."
by TruthMaster August 29, 2006
Rapper named for the price he charges niggas for a blowjob when in prison or juvenile hall. Forced to leave the street life when he discovers his only true street skill is getting shot.
Fifty Cent knows how to get shot real good.
by TruthMaster August 28, 2006
Person who has become expert in providing a blowjob. This is actually a more sophisticated skill than many girls realize.
Alphonse: You are a real blowjob artist Frankie.
Frankie DJ: Thank you, I'm sorry for talking with my mouth full.
by Truthmaster October 03, 2006
What G-Unit members do to Fifty Cent when they are horny.
Hey Fitty, here's your 2 quarters, bend over, time for a Five On One...
by TruthMaster August 30, 2006
A group faggots on the prowl to get huge cock from young men. Often willing to pay for it.
G-Unit is a pole patrol crew.
by TruthMaster November 03, 2007
Those statements which liberals are allergic to.
Bill Clinton: "I did not have sex with that woman!"
Al Gore: "I invented the internet."
Hillary: "Me and Chelsea were under heavy fire when we went to Iraq."
Barack: "I never heard Reverend Wright say these things over the past 20 years."
Me: Sorry, those are all not the truth, and you have been caught.
by TruthMaster July 10, 2008
A group of adult males who want to have sex with young boys. Also known as G-UNIT. Or GAY-UNIT. Their conflict with Ja Rule stems from the fact that they once caught him in dark alley and did bang, bang, bang in Ja Rule's anus. Ja Rule didn't really like that very much. But he ain't gonna do shit about it. G-Uuuuuunit!
G-Unit members are all PROUD members of NAMBLA.
by TruthMaster November 03, 2007

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