Formally Channel 5, now called Five. Still has rubbish shows though.
"Channel 5 is a name, Five is a brand" - Guys who run Five

"Channel 5 was rubbish, Five makes no difference." - Me
by Chris Ridsdill December 08, 2003
1. The very best that a forum thread can get. Comedy Gold.

2. A shitty English Boy Band.
"Five Golden Manbabies for you sir!"
by Rhubarb January 16, 2003
1) to take a picture of oneself
can be used as: five, fived, to five, etc.
To five, one must use a fiver
syn. camera
often pronounced FOIVE!
we fived during english class, so Dr. S took away our fiver
by Hamlexi Mivettes December 13, 2005
the act of having sex (fived, fiving, fiver, fivable, fives, ext.)
- i'd five her
- yo, quit fiving and come make me some ice cream
- what a slut, she's fived like 400 people or something
- yo, that chick is very fivable
- yeah she deffinately fives a lot, what a nasty fiver
by john February 06, 2004
Wow, you don't know what five is. Its a number, stupid! Its one more then four and one less then six. Can you count? I bet you can't! This is how you count:1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10...
Have we learned something today? I learned that your as dumb as a post!
"How old are you, Sarah?"
"I'm five years old, mom, you should know that!"
by John Dephilups February 23, 2008
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