n. A slang term for the police. Shortened version of 5-0.
n. "Niggas must be back to slangin' on the corner again, I just seen the five roll by."
by fencecat42 December 17, 2010
Military Intelligence, Section 5, or MI5, the British Security Service, as shown in the TV show "Spooks" (called "MI-5" in U.S. broadcasts). Responsible for counterespionage and domestic security, roughly analogous to the FBI. Based in Thames House on Millbank, London.
That guy in the suit is in Five, I'm sure of it. See how he's looking at us?
by Billy Frank May 28, 2008
fiive: fi-iive, fiii-ve
means: "five bullets and your dead"
famous words from the notorious yet dangerous dz
"shit man ive just been fived"
dam u dead
by dondz October 22, 2007
The zombie map from black ops
I went to level 50 on Five, with my buddies yesterday
by the man from space April 12, 2011
A sickening excuse for a television channel, broadcast terrestrial in the UK and via cable and sattelite everywhere else.
Five likes to showcase programmes about freaks. It will claim that they are documenting the struggle for a normal life of some two-headed girl, or guy with 10 legs. In fact, five is just exploiting the fact that people like to look at people with serious deformities, in a way they can tell themselves is acceptable cause it's a "documentary".
Five also shows old movies during the day that nobody wants to watch, and occasionally a good on like terminator.
John is 35 years old, overweight, bald, unemployed, and hasnt had sex in 9 years.

John sits at home on tuesdays and watches the afternoon movie at 14:00 on Five.

John realises how loser-y he is later that day, so he switches on the TV and watche a "documentary" called "the guy with a tricycle for an arm" on five; which makes him feel better about his own life, although watching Five made him feel slightly dirty and unclean.
by theresnofreenamesonUD March 02, 2008
Akin to the word cool or awesome. Can be used as an exclamation. If used as an adjective it must be preceded by a word such as "totally", "really", "pretty" etc.
That shit was pretty five yo.

by Stephanie and Chris November 20, 2005
1. a four letter word
2. a handslap
1. f...i...v...e
2. The Longhorns just won the Rose Bowl, gimme a five!!!
by i11eag1e February 07, 2005

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