Formally Channel 5, now called Five. Still has rubbish shows though.
"Channel 5 is a name, Five is a brand" - Guys who run Five

"Channel 5 was rubbish, Five makes no difference." - Me
by Chris Ridsdill December 08, 2003
Top Definition
Five is an another word for cool.
Man, that's a five shirt.
by Johnny Talb April 17, 2014
fiive: fi-iive, fiii-ve
means: "five bullets and your dead"
famous words from the notorious yet dangerous dz
"shit man ive just been fived"
dam u dead
by dondz October 23, 2007
A high-performance, foreign car with a five-speed transmission
"Always wanted fame/Always wanted cash/To live fast/Get the girls with the biggest ass/Fuck a 9 to 5/Gotta drive a five/Now that I got it, the hardest thing to do is stay alive." -Nas
by DickShunery June 21, 2012
A list of the five celebrities you would sleep with (even if you're in a committed relationship), if they ever just flat-out offered you sex. May be serious in context, or brought up as a complete joke.
I may be married, but my five are Rachel Nichols, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Emma Watson, Abigail Spencer, and Amy Adams. It's on my marriage license.
by DireClown August 09, 2013
to five someone is to replace a real number in your phone number with the number 5 when you don't really want to give out your number
-"Ew that dude was really lame..i can't believe i gave him my number"
-"Ohh man you should've fived him!!"
by meta sigma November 08, 2008
A completely average woman on the guy rating scale. She can be neither cute or ugly, shes just a 5.
Can also be used to describe a boyfriend/girlfriend that you're using to pass the time until a good one comes along.
Glen: Man dude, are there ever any cute chics in this place?
Walter: Nah man, this place is always full of fives!

Lloyd: Yeah, I've really been thinking about getting serious with my chic dude...
Walter: What?! You know that chics just a 5 man, even you can do better.
by DJ Christian B August 13, 2007
To give, hand or pass something from one person to another (because your hand, which you use to pass the thing, has five fingers)
Man, this food has no flavor. Could you five me the salt?
by Johnny Gnall May 20, 2005

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