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When a college student decides to stay in college for longer than four years.
Gerry: Why weren't you in class this afternoon?
Chase: I'm on the five year plan.
Justin: I was on that plan once.
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by bangalangadingdong April 17, 2007
taking five or more years to complete high school or college.

high school seniors who have failed will be known as "super seniors" the next year. college students who have failed, or have decided to spend more than four years in college, will ALSO be known as super seniors.
Looks like Aaron failed again! That silly bastard. Looks like he's making a five year plan!!
#super senior #five year plan #moron #held back #fail #f
by fubsish October 02, 2009
A situation where a person ends up completing an intended four-year course of study in five years, usually by flunking a year.
-So Steve failed tenth grade?
-Yeah, he's on the five-year plan.
by Gus P. September 19, 2005
When the object of your affections is *just* a bit too young, but give it five years...
"Dude, she's illegal"
"Yeah but she's my five year plan"
#young #illegal #jailbait #jail bait #too young
by Al2007 April 29, 2007
When the girlfriend (or boyfriend) in a relationship desires to be with their partner for an annoyingly large amount of time, although not necessarily for more or less than five years, if at all an amount of time is specified.
Said partners tend to almost immediately wish to discuss marriage, children and growing old together, and are also very 'clingy' and choking. A common occurrence if it is one or both partner's first serious relationship, or if one or both parters are inexperienced in relationships.
Chris: Dude, my girlfriend's really choking me.
Graham: Why?
Chris: Ah she's started talking of marriage, kids, she wants to see me all the time...I think she's a five year plan girlfriend.
#annoying girlfriends #five year plan #relationships #girlfriend #clingy
by Christopher John Scott August 29, 2006
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