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An action that in recent years has taken the place of a high five. A fistpound occurs when two individuals reach out and touch fists. This usually occurs after someone has accomplished something hard or has made a funny joke.
Leslie:What time is it?
Sam:Time for you to SHUTUP!
by C-lint July 12, 2005
When two people touch knuckles or punch
eachothers' fists after something cool
happens or is said. Similar to a hi five,
but unlike hi fives, is not usually used
while moving.
Bill: Dude, guess what happened last night.
Bob: What?
Bill: Lily asked me out over IM!
Bob: Dude, nice catch (Fist pound happens)

(Car explodes)
Bill: ....
Bob: ...Sweet (Fist pound happens)
by Ravetypes April 11, 2009
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