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To suddenly and temporarily pass out from inhaling or "huffing" nitrous oxide
I fished out and knocked over the nos tank.
by David Caviar October 21, 2006
(adj.) When a tweaker becomes so skinny, that their cheeks have no substance and eyes bulge out of the sockets.
That bitch has been up for six days, lookin' straight Fished-out.
by Bounce.Nerd November 10, 2009
To be in a state of suspicion.
Guy 1: "Your girl never texts you back when she goes out bro"
Guy 2: "Yea bro I'm gettin pretty fished out."
by Lucas McCain April 14, 2015
A mental and physical state that occurs after having spent a considerable amount of time with a fish or among fish. Can have both a positive and a negative connotation; the substance is contextual and the use is case specific.
- He came back after a long Sunday of hard work at the fishmongers. He took his boots off and lied in his bed staring at the ceiling. He was fished out!

- Yeah man so I met this girl, the Fish!
* The fish, ha! That's nickname.Was she nice?!
- Sure man, loads of fun. We spent the whole day together, it was great, but I came back home totally fished out!
by Elijah Simmons June 30, 2013
Getting wrinkly fingers after being in the water for too long. Works as a synonym for "pruney fingers". The word fished serves to indicate the aquatic nature of this bizarre physical change in your fingers.
I'm all fished out", "Dude I'm done surfing for today, I'm fished out", "This bath totally fished me out!
by lol@you2 December 06, 2010
Similar to being dumped:'fished out' is when you girlfriend leaves you for your brother or best friend.
Females can't be fished out.
Dude, I just got fished out.
by Vincent J. Marchese May 03, 2006
When a guy or girl lies to or ignores their friends in order to hangout with their significant other.
No Jeff isn't coming, he fished out on us.
by The_Champ July 14, 2008
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