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a euphenism for fuck. when you're around people who hate swearing.
What the fish is that doing there?
I hate that lousy fu...fisher. Erm...
What the FISH??
by Lolli Queen September 06, 2005
An acronym used on the Internet which stands for "Freaking Inserting Something Here" can also be interchangeably used with <><.
Steve: Dude, my gf broke up with me. What do I do?!
Ted: Ugh, f.i.s.h.?
by Zachary A. July 24, 2007
fish is another word for v.v.v.v. buff/ghetto/cool/funky. it is influenced by the BRILLIANT and INCREDIBLY FUNKILY RANDOM film 'happy feet' - 'i think you're really fish'
wow, you're wearing some FISH green & black converse today!!!
by SheWithTheFatCat January 27, 2007
A common replacement for the f-word, or just any curse word in general.
Ah! Fish! It's mauling me!

Stop fishing mauling me!
by Michael/Mathew/David/Hans/MB/X August 12, 2005
A hot male, early 20's, norweigan in background who woos australian females only to tell them the night before that they are going back to their homeland. Obviously leaving hot australian girl pissed off, confused and in a state of shock.
That Patrick was such a fish.
by Bootec April 24, 2005
A word used mainly here in Texas to describe a High School Freshman; usually said as an insult. Originally was an acronym, standing for Freshman Introduction to Shoemaker High, which is the high school here in Killeen, but now other High Schools in Texas are using the term.
Senior: Yes! Freshman friday! Let's dump those stupid fish in the trash cans!

Freshman: NO! HELP ME! *runs*
by Ellie_the_Faerie July 22, 2005
A loose, passive poker player
Russ schooled that fish and took half of his chips.
by Hoosh June 06, 2005
A guy that makes out REALLY REALLLLLLLLYYYYYY Bad! Like a fish.. hint hint
"I made out with Neil last night... what a fish!"
by Gabba February 23, 2005