a word used to describe the person you first have sexual intercourse with.
Ashley: "Wasn't Bobby your first?"
Claire: "Yes, I love him & am glad I waited to lose my virginity to him."
by Brutha from a nutha mutha, yo. February 21, 2011
Posted on porn sites like youporn.com in the comment box when someone is the first one to masturbate to a video newly posted.
FIRST! Damn I wanked to this bitch before all you other wankers!!
by mastrb8r February 13, 2008
An acronym for 'For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology' - A competition for teams to build and program robots to complete different tasks, level depends on grade. Started by Dean Kamen in 1989 with it's first competition in 1992.
Person 1: You work on real Robots?
Person 2: Yeah, it's FIRST.
by BuilderGirl2009 January 04, 2009
For Inspiration and Recinition of Science and Technology

a high school robotics competition founded in 1989 and had its first competition in 1992 with 26 and now has close to 1000 teams
hey are u in FIRST
by techno April 30, 2004
1.First Means When u get a first prize metal.
2.First Means u came in that place in sport.
1.Wow u won a first place metal.
2.Good job u came first place in sport.
by CheesePoop89 August 12, 2015

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