On South Park, it is a penis.
Max's fireman is less than .000000001mm long.
by William Chan October 22, 2003
Top Definition
Cartman's official way of saying penis, cause if doesn't call it a fireman he gets a spanking from his slut mom. So its a better way to call a penis and your parents won't know. And you won't get a spanking
Cartman: Yes the fireman is very magical, if you rub his helmet he spits in your eye.
by Kenny Lover, don't die October 17, 2007
the weed man who sells fire weed
Don't tell no one'bout the fireman, he sells the best shit around here.
by Kanaan November 09, 2005
What all Policemen and children want to be when they grow up.
Police Officer: Boy Chief when i grow up i wanna be a Fireman.

Police Chief: You should have dreams, but kid don't shoot so high.
by slFyrfighter February 03, 2010
A true hero in any community, culture or race
Unike police, teachers or goverment leaders it is actully cool to be a fire man
by Dakota Charles September 19, 2006
A couple lights the females pubes on fire, and then in a combined effort, they have to fuck hard enough to put out the flames. Time is of the essence as burning of both parties is a risk. Redefining fire crotch
When a pyro decides that he needs more fun in his love life. After the orgasm, and you need a second adrenalin rush, where else is there to turn? He then performs the fireman to give him the extra burst to truly satisfy.
by ze fireman July 18, 2009
Carrying a drunk chick over your shoulder in resemblance to a fireman carrying an incapacitated victim from a fire.
-Did you see christie last night?

-Ya she was so drunk Rob had to fireman her all the way back to her house!
by brohemian bro May 26, 2010
The most badass supervillain ever. He could contol fire with his mind. Really unstable, he likes to burn down everything with no reason at all. Arc-nemesis of the Dark Knight. In Alfred's own words "Some men just want to watch the world burn."
The Fireman burns half of Harvey's face, transforming him into two-face
by Anonymous655321 April 17, 2011

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