A game where one lights something on fire, and attempts to put it out by pissing all over said object, as seen on South Park.
Person 1: You wanna play fireman?
Person 2: What's that?
P1: We put out a fire with our wieners.
P2: Let's go put out the teacher!
by Beck Runnerman February 26, 2008
On South Park, it is a penis.
Max's fireman is less than .000000001mm long.
by William Chan October 22, 2003
a slang term for penis
Look at the size of that transexual's fireman!
by NinjaPirate March 23, 2003
The act of flatulating under the bedsheets such that when another person lifts the sheets to come into the bed with you they are assailed by the unpleasant odor. This term derives fom the event known as a backdraft, where a firefighter may unwittingly ignite a smoltering fire by opening a door or window and exposing it to oxygen.
My wife got really upset when I pulled a fireman last night.
by Abrasax April 20, 2005
A grappling move in folkstyle wrestling.
A grappling move in folkstyle wrestling.

You do a shoot to opponent's legs, while having your arm under or grabbing opponent's arm. Then proceed to lift said oppenent to the shoulders, thus looking like a fireman carrying a person to safety from the fire. Instead of safety, you slam the oppenent on the floor to submission.
by rasslerr November 28, 2004
The god of the Universe.
Ruler of all People.
by doggs62 April 11, 2003
What one does if they cannot become a Police Officer..... Nonetheless, still a hero and an honorable profession, just as all Emergency Services professions are.
Police, Fireman, Firemen, honor, EMS,honorable, Police officer, hero
by Chet Steadmen January 17, 2009

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