A firefighter is a man or woman who is trained to put out fires, either in a building or wildland, as well as to provide medical care. A firefighter is either a volenteer, an on call, or career.
Whats this vincentv. guy thinkin, a firefighter is either a man or woman doesnt matter, ill say odds are he isnt a firefighter, hasnt been in any trainning, nothin, just thinks its so. Guys like him are fuckin duches, none of my captains would stand for that shit.
by BGthefirefighter January 15, 2008
A male that is trained to extinguish and suppress fires and operate and implement fire department operations, tools, and techniques. Most fire fighters work a 24hr/48hr. on/off schedule. These fine men are also commonly superior to police officers in the public eye.
Women are also a very new thing to the fire service, but it is, and has always been a predominatly male job. Most women in the service are Lesbians. Some states also require the fire fighter to be a trained EMT to perform this job.

Not everyone is cut out to be a Fire Fighter.
"Wow! How does he get all the women?"

"He must be a Fire Fighter!!"
by BackDraft May 27, 2008
A person with the balls to run into a burning building to stave lives while the pussys run out.
Hey can I fuck you?Im a fire fighter:D
by CHief1234555 December 13, 2010
A firefighter is someone that we all admire. Usually this is occupation is similar to police officers only firefighters are better looking, stronger, faster, smarter, and eat box on the reg. it is offensive to firefighters to confuse them with police officers as 10 times out of 10 firefighters are superior in every aspect.
Me: I'm not good enough to be a firefighter :(
Steve: me neither, then let's be cops!
by Dan Davis November 01, 2014
Badass hot people that go into goddam hot as fuck fires and save little animals.
When a firefighter thinks it's so hot they have to take their shirts off and kill all those around them.
by Aweirdsome April 04, 2015
A sex move where the man, while fucking the girl, sets her on fire. When the girl screams for help, the man proceeds to cum on her face.
Man, I totally pulled the fire fighter on her last night!
by NinjaPornStar April 16, 2010
A person who fights fires and provides prehospital emergency care. See also: Raging Badass
Wow, firefighters are the hottest, most badass, and kicks the shit out of any other job kind of people!
by 1ThatOtherGuy1 July 11, 2011

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