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A male that is trained to extinguish and suppress fires and operate and implement fire department operations, tools, and techniques. Most fire fighters work a 24hr/48hr. on/off schedule. These fine men are also commonly superior to police officers in the public eye.
Women are also a very new thing to the fire service, but it is, and has always been a predominatly male job. Most women in the service are Lesbians. Some states also require the fire fighter to be a trained EMT to perform this job.

Not everyone is cut out to be a Fire Fighter.
"Wow! How does he get all the women?"

"He must be a Fire Fighter!!"
by BackDraft May 27, 2008
A firefighter is a man or woman who is trained to put out fires, either in a building or wildland, as well as to provide medical care. A firefighter is either a volenteer, an on call, or career.
Whats this vincentv. guy thinkin, a firefighter is either a man or woman doesnt matter, ill say odds are he isnt a firefighter, hasnt been in any trainning, nothin, just thinks its so. Guys like him are fuckin duches, none of my captains would stand for that shit.
by BGthefirefighter January 15, 2008
A person with the balls to run into a burning building to stave lives while the pussys run out.
Hey can I fuck you?Im a fire fighter:D
by CHief1234555 December 13, 2010
A sex move where the man, while fucking the girl, sets her on fire. When the girl screams for help, the man proceeds to cum on her face.
Man, I totally pulled the fire fighter on her last night!
by NinjaPornStar April 16, 2010
A person, usually though not always a man, that tends to go around beating up gingers/redheads.
Most high school kids are fire fighters.
by Calderownz November 10, 2011
A person who fights fires and provides prehospital emergency care. See also: Raging Badass
Wow, firefighters are the hottest, most badass, and kicks the shit out of any other job kind of people!
by 1ThatOtherGuy1 July 11, 2011
When you're fucking a chick and right before you cum you light her bush on fire a jizz on it to put it out.
Damn man after i gave that girl a firefighter my house smelt like shit.
by Da Pimpest November 21, 2010