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when one's pubic hair is red
"Dude that redhead is a firecrotch no doubt"

"I thought she was a brunette but she was a firecrotch"
by cindyfriggenlouwho March 09, 2009
A woman with a red haired vagina.
I love me some "Fire Crotch"
by cooter davenport May 12, 2010
The red pubic hair of a redhead (contrary to previous posts, matching pubic hair is not "unique" -- blonds have blond bush, brunettes have black or brown bush, etc -- anyone who doesn't know that probably hasn't seen many women undressed.)
Gawd, you wouldn't believe the fire crotch on that girl!!! Uhmmmm hmmmm, thinkin' about it just turns me on!!!!
by Ihatedummies May 26, 2008
name of a person with red vag hair
jessie is such a fire crotch
by luckycharms855 September 05, 2009
a fire crotch is a redheaded lady who is amazing in bed. She's on fire!
"Man I am so sore from that fire crotch I boned last night."
by BBQPorkRibs February 26, 2010
A young lady with fire red pubes
Hey do you know Hailey McKenna?


Yeah.... she has a fire crotch
by MG73 March 27, 2014
A fire crotch is a penis or vagina with red/orange color pubic hairs. A fire crotch will most likely belong to a red head.
Ahhh look at that ginger over there. He's got a fire crotch, no doubt.
by sexayyyladayyy<3 June 14, 2009