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to use ones stream of urine to spray off the bits of feces stuck to the inside of the toilet.
"dude dont poop so much, i had to fire hose the toilet"
by jim May 07, 2005
The feeling when you know you will have a liquid shit. As you sit down on the toilet it is already starting to come out and the longer it goes the better you feel, spraying out with such force you could put out a fire.
After eating those spicy wings I was firehosing in the bathroom!
by Ryebird April 02, 2015
when a guy pees in a hurry and forces the urine out faster than the normal pace it would flow at. usually in an attempt to quicken a trip to the bathroom or because of an unbelievable and urgent need to piss.
Dude, I had to walk home from school in the rain. As soon as I got through the bathroom door, I was firehosing like a motherfucker.
by vikeaio January 11, 2011
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