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Dealing with a series of workplace emergencies on a top-priority basis, so that little scheduled work is done.
The Accounting computers got a virus this morning, and I've wasted all day fighting fires.
by ruskin June 07, 2005
The Best thing in the world that gives you a rush. Hearing that pager go off, you have to rush off to the station and Get on your Turnout gear. And then find a Seat on a rig.

Then Its time to Enter the building, and Tame the wild beast within.
Girl: Whats the Number one thing you like to do?
Guy: Other than being with you?
Guy: Oh, that would be Fire Fighting.
by The Responder July 17, 2008
Politics within the office or group
here I am fed up with fire fighting
by chris October 07, 2004
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