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The little bit of vomit that surfaces to the mouth after a particularly throaty burp.
After drinking her lemonade too quickly, Kiki fippled, burning the back of her throat.
by Uncle Joo August 11, 2010
7 0
Fake nipples. A term used by breast cancer survivors to describe the fake nipples created during breast reconstruction following mastectomy. Fipples can be constructed by cutting and stitching the skin in place, taking a skin graft from another part of the body, medical tattooing, or any combination of the above. (See also: foobs.)
Now that my foobs are done I can't wait to get my new fipples! It's not as good as the real thing but it sure beats being boobless.
by Snafu Suz February 10, 2009
18 1
a fake nipple on pacifers
Damn! that pacifer has a clear fipple.
by Juicy Couture is Death July 10, 2008
6 1
a small growth on the foot resembling a nipple..often needing to be drained
WOW! look at the size of that fipple
by lasianiga July 13, 2009
3 2
The beaklike part of a non-reed woodwind instrument that you blow into; recorders and some types of vertical flutes have fipples.
The fipple on this recorder is dirty; it has to be cleaned.
by pentozali July 29, 2009
2 2
the little bumps on the tips of your fingers.
wow,my fipples are hard.
by Soviet Bill January 10, 2005
3 13
the little bumps on a nipple.
That bitch has a lot of fripples.
by Big Zac March 08, 2005
5 18