Etymology: Fixing To > Fixin' > Fin'nin

To plan to do something.
Fin'nin to bust a cap in a nigga
by ren March 30, 2005
Top Definition
1. Stating desire to perform an action
2. Expressing interest in attaining something
3. An attractive female
4. Anything good
1. I'm finnin to fuck your mom in her ass.
2. I'm finnin for some Taco Bell
3. She's finnin
4. These Ecstacy pills are finnin
by Mohamad July 28, 2004
1. Anxious to do something
"I'm finnin to go cop one from the Bronx Zoo" - MBA Vik Dawani
by g2k908 April 26, 2010
Etymology: Fixing, to fix. Most likely a form of "Fi'in."

1. To plan to act: PREPARE
1. From 50 Cent's "Heat"
"I'm fin'nin to buss a cap in a nigga."
by lyrical gangsta March 09, 2005
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