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When a man orgasms ("finishes") on a woman. Since it comes out in a line, it is his finish line.
Last night, I gave her the ol' finish line.
#finish #line #man #orgasm #cum #ejaculate #sex
by Th3 Silent 1 September 15, 2009
The point at which a boy "blows his load."
"I can make a guy hit the finishline in 2 minutes"
#blow a load #finish #jizz #ejaculate #squirt man juices
by Anonymous8769 January 28, 2009
1. the end of a running race usually represented by a yellow strip of tape or paper

2. store where you buy expensive basketball shoes, jerseys, and all of that good sports stuff.
1. tyler is the fastest in the school but he lost the race because he was afraid of yellow tape.

2. person 1:lets appy for a job at finish line
person 2: why?
person 1: so we can get discounts on those expensive basketball shoes
person 2: thats a great idea, lets go
person 1: =D
by jayazson July 12, 2005
The last line of cocaine or any powdered drug.
Hey yo Joey, you want that Finish Line ?
#cocaine #drug #line #coke #powder
by L, beezy December 06, 2010
last call or the end of the night.

Can also mean that you got too tired and want to go home early.
"Wanna hit one more bar?"

"Nah, I'm at the finish line. I"m going home. I'll talk to you tomorrow."
#make it to the finish line #last call #get tired #go home early #closing time
by overheard at the fiesta June 28, 2009
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