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An appy is a gorjuz, hot, beautiful, sexy girl that lives in warrnambool and looks perfect in someones eyes everyday.
Look at that appy over there, isnt she just so awesome! I wish my girlfriend looked like her.
by skaterboy-matt August 13, 2006
a shortened way of saying application
Austin turned in like a million appys so he could get a job
by Gails February 26, 2008
-To be very spirited about App state
-To have to many Apps
-"Look at her, she's very Appy"
-"My ipods running slowly because its soo Appy"
by MrFox91 December 07, 2010
The giddy feeling of joy and elation you get when ether finding or using a new app; most usually on the phone.
Bro1: Dude, what are you doing here? Weren't you going to hang with Janessa?
Bro2: I've been trying, man! Her girlfriends convinced her to get Instagram last week, and she's been so appy that she won't text me back.

Bro1: Just get an Instagram then.
Bro2: Does it look like I have testicals to you?
by Masterman4778 November 02, 2015
Shortening of the word Appaloosa, which is a type of horse that is spotty (the Dalmatian of horses)
Meg: " OMG that appy is soooo cute, look at all its lil spots"
by TheDefinitionHero April 06, 2015
An adjective to describe a non-jewish, Jewish American Princess. The goy version of jappy.
Larry: "Oh man, did you see her face when her mom said she wouldn't buy her that gucci purse? She's so jappy"
Ben: "Yea, but she's not Jewish."
Larry: "Good call. She's appy"
by Gordito September 04, 2007
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