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an action performed:

1) for luck.

2) to exclude oneself from the rules which would normally apply.

3) to imply that "we're like *that*", ie as close to each other as two crossed fingers

Can be represented by the emoticon (yn); apparently this pictorially resembles crossed fingers ...
1) fingers crossed for your driving test!

2) "It": Tagged you!
Taggee: No, you can't, cos my i've got my fingers crossed.

Ma: How could you lie to me, Johnny!?
Johnny: It wasn't really a lie, ma; I had my fingers crossed behind my back.

Cop: You're under arrest, Sonny Jim.
Boy: You can't arrest me, cos I had my fingers crossed when I burgled all those houses...

3) Mafioso: Me and the Don; we're like *that*
Other guy: (gulp)...
by Mathilda Underfoot February 07, 2010
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