Someone inserting a finger or fingers into your anus
Suck my cock while you finger my arse
by Drew March 27, 2004
Top Definition
rubbing a girls pussy until she has an orgasm
i fingered my girl for an hour last night a she had the biggets orgasm she cam all over me.
by d November 17, 2003
when a guy sticks his fingers in a girls coochy then he touches and plays with her g-spot.
man! .. last night my boyfriend fingered me so hard, that my legs went numb!
by Susie June 23, 2003
(1) to accuse someone of something or to point blame.
(2) to insert ones fingers in a woman’s vagina or anus for sexual stimulation.
(1) Dave was fingered by his boss at work for stealing.
(2) Joe fingered Laura in his car after there first date.
by Maxwell December 27, 2004
when a guy sticks his finger(possible fingerS depending on the size of the girl down there), the guy usually rubs her pussy really good and fast until the girl gets all nice and wet.

girl: oh baby please just thrust your fingers inside of me!

boy:well im tryinggg but your too small!

girl: just shove them in there OHHHH uhhhh baby thats it right there

boy: i got it i got it! yessss.

girl: harder harder uhhhh my god im gonna explode!

boy: good i just fingered you!

boy keeps going, the girl gets wet, they clean up and watch tv

by babyjoon August 08, 2008
fingers being inserted into the vagina, usually very rapidly.
jenny fingered me so fast, I came all over her fingers.
by amanda October 21, 2003
To stimulate the female vagina by pleasureable alternation through rubbing and fingering the the labia, clitorius and vagina. Essentialy try to start off gentle and then pick up the pace as she begins to get off. If you do it right then she wil most probably be very wet and will want you to do it again sometime.
I fingered that goregous chick last night and she had the funniest look on her face when she cum'd.
by Matt1990 September 13, 2008
When a guy fucks a girl's pussy with his fingers instead of his dick. Sometimes resulting in orgasm if the guy knows what he's doing.
Did you finger her yet ?
-Yeah. I could fit my whole hang up that loose, nasty shit.
Damn. That's pitiful.
by gee$ July 22, 2005
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