A man inserts his penis into a vagina while the women keeps 2 to 4 fingers in her vagina.
While she was fingering herself her boyfriend suddenly thrust his dick into her, it was the first time she was fingerdicking.
by lisa34 January 22, 2007
When a person (male or female) uses his or her finger to milk the prostate of guy.
Adam knew the night would end well when Charlie agreed to a little mutual fingerdicking.
by SOMDesq October 24, 2014
Background unknown. It refers to the act of excessively and unecessarily touching something in such a way that it causes some sort of mess.
Tom fingerdicked the cake so bad all the icing came off.

Jane, don't fingerdick the glass! I just cleaned all those fingerprints off!
by Pope April 12, 2005

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