The acronym for Fed up (alternitavely F*cked up or freaked out), Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional. To say when feeling as such, but not wanting to talk about it or lie.
Is used the same way as "I slept like a baby; woke up and cried every two hours" is.
Mother: How are you feeling?
Daughter: F.I.N.E.
Mother: Are you sure?
Daughter: Yes!
by _Amaya Skaruta June 30, 2010
F-Freak out.
Susan: How are you feeling today?

Mary: Just fine....
by Taco. :3 December 06, 2008
Random person: "How are you feeling?"
Frustrated person: "I am fine."
by FATHERFUCKER007 April 06, 2011
1. A word women use to say "Im pissed off and your going to pay for it. But im not going to tell you how you can fix it or even what you did wrong!"

2. An annoying word that makes you second guess everything you were so sure of before she said it.

3. A big flashing sign that you should just shut up cause she is pissed.
Jake: hey babe
Jenny: hi.
Jake: how are you?
Jenny: im fine.
Jake: you sure?
Jenny: yes.

HIDDEN MESSAGE: you stupid dick shut the fuck up!!!
by tellin it how it is. August 24, 2009
Someone looks better than usual so they are concedered fine.
Damn that look over there, he fine as hell. I'm about to go talk to him.
by Kayla April 07, 2005
a general term decribing a feeling. Sometimes used sarcasticly. This term has become an epic punch line. Refering to any moment whether happy or sad.
girl: Have you ever liked a girl before
guy: Yeah, but im fine

Girl: So its your wedding day how are u feeling

Guy: I'm fine
by Alan, Clarke July 12, 2011
The Christian "F-word"
1: Jesus loves your brother more
2: Fine!
1: Fine then!
by Dr. Phill-good May 21, 2011

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