1. A way to describe powder texture

2. A way to describe something very very sharp like a sword, knife, needle....or a pencil :D
3. Some one is alright with a/the situation(s); Cool with it
4. In a condition that is still manageable
5. Nice looking (anything that is not a human)
6. Nice looking (a human)
1. "Wow, this sand is so fine that It's feels like flour!"
2A. The warrior's blade was so fine that a falling down feather, when in contact, slices into two halves.
2B. I sharpened my pencil so finely that when I played with it during class I stabbed my own hand on accident.

3. "Hey bro, I'm all fine with ya datin' ma girl."
4. "Hey, it's fine OK? it's not the end of the world or anything."
5."That's a fine cow you got there."
6."Whooo! She's soooooooooooo fine! Damn!"
by alalalalaPOMMY!!! December 08, 2015
When your girl says this, you're in trouble.
Guy: Hey, I know I screwed up. So how are you?
Girl: (frustrated) Fine.
Guy: Oh, crap.
by Celebridee March 14, 2015
At first, a harmless word used by a female in general conversation, though in reality an acronym which means the female is in-fact,

"Freaked-out. Insecure. Neurotic and Emotional".
Guy: wow that must have been really embarrassing for you.
Girl: I'm fine........
by Gstar_29 September 26, 2011
Random person: "How are you feeling?"
Frustrated person: "I am fine."
by FATHERFUCKER007 April 06, 2011
Fine is just a general term for how your feeling, in the middle. Ask someone how there feeling then nine times out of ten they will say fine ok or alright because you don't want to have a confessional session with so and so. You will usually find no one is really fine.
Boss - 'Hey Karen, working well i see, how's everything?' Karen - 'Oh im fine' *Inside Karen's planning to jump of the golden gate bridge because her fiancé left her for the girl at Hooters'

Guy at Hooters - 'How's the night been?' Hooters girl - 'Things have been fine so far' *Inside she's jumping with joy because her new fiancé left his ex-fiancé and she can quit her job*
by Imgoingtoapartyonsaturday January 06, 2011
The acronym for Fed up (alternitavely F*cked up or freaked out), Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional. To say when feeling as such, but not wanting to talk about it or lie.
Is used the same way as "I slept like a baby; woke up and cried every two hours" is.
Mother: How are you feeling?
Daughter: F.I.N.E.
Mother: Are you sure?
Daughter: Yes!
by _Amaya Skaruta June 30, 2010
1. A word women use to say "Im pissed off and your going to pay for it. But im not going to tell you how you can fix it or even what you did wrong!"

2. An annoying word that makes you second guess everything you were so sure of before she said it.

3. A big flashing sign that you should just shut up cause she is pissed.
Jake: hey babe
Jenny: hi.
Jake: how are you?
Jenny: im fine.
Jake: you sure?
Jenny: yes.

HIDDEN MESSAGE: you stupid dick shut the fuck up!!!
by tellin it how it is. August 24, 2009
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