a general term decribing a feeling. Sometimes used sarcasticly. This term has become an epic punch line. Refering to any moment whether happy or sad.
girl: Have you ever liked a girl before
guy: Yeah, but im fine

Girl: So its your wedding day how are u feeling

Guy: I'm fine
by Alan, Clarke July 12, 2011
Someone looks better than usual so they are concedered fine.
Damn that look over there, he fine as hell. I'm about to go talk to him.
by Kayla April 07, 2005
The Christian "F-word"
1: Jesus loves your brother more
2: Fine!
1: Fine then!
by Dr. Phill-good May 21, 2011
1. Fucked up

2. Good looking, Attractive

3. OK
1.Guy: How are you?
Girl: Fine

2. Guy: Damn you be lookin' fine tonight!

3. I'm fine :)
by Maria_Rawr December 24, 2010
ADJ. Abbreviation for Fucked up Insecure Neurotic Emotional. Code used among subordinates.
Dave: I think our boss, Karen, is F.I.N.E., don't you?
Chantel: Damn skippy she is!
Penny: No doubt, she is so fine!
Karen (Completly unaware she has been ripped on): Thank you, now let's get back to work.
by Hugh Jazdick March 22, 2006
A mixed drink. The word comes from the combination of the words: fake, and wine.
It is 4 parts vodka, 4 parts grape juice, 1 part lemon juice optional.
My friend is sitting in his room at 3:43 AM drinking a stout glass of Fine. It's a damn shame he's got to do it alone.
by Mara Jade December 03, 2010
acronym for Freaked Out, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional. first coined it the 2003 remake of The Italian Job.
girl #1: hey, tonight's your big date. how are you feeling?
girl #2: don't worry, i'm FINE
by Aranwion October 02, 2008

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