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1) to be an idiot/scumbag/asshole

2) a female horse
Did you see that guy at the gym? He didnt know how to use the stairmaster...what a filly.

That filly is so precious.
by VenomNicole November 03, 2010
10 35
short for the word fellow, used mostly when talking about someone you don't know
Hey Kevin, look at that filly over there with the pink hair, what a loser!
by Little Nepa Tiz! Banas March 11, 2009
6 32
a willy which looks scarliy like a fanny
omg i shagged this dude last night and his dick was a fucking filly
by P.M June 22, 2007
5 33
a person who tries to tell other people that he/she is gay by means of making gay jokes and statements.
Adriaan: LoL!! Kyk jou pienk hemp Wayne!
Wayne: ja, wat daarvan? Die girls like dit.
Adriaan: Nee, dis gay fokker.
Wayne: Fuckin Filly!!!
Adriaan: weep weep!! cry cry!!
by Oupa Doelie August 15, 2008
1 32
When you make a joke, Thats stupid, and only one person laughs.
It's not quite funny but it's not quite silly.
" Kymburlie Just made a Filly "
by Sa'mantha' September 06, 2006
7 40
you femaile horse up to the age of two years.
I"m selling that paint fill for $500.
by Laila May 19, 2004
6 43