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Acronym for "The Internet Hates Re-posts"

A form of INB4 used when posting something originally posted somewhere else without citing its source. This lets the interwebs know that the poster is are aware that ze is reposting.

Pronounced similar to derp.
*Random meme* (tihrp)
Derp - Repost!
Reposter - Yes, tihrp. Y U no see I said tihrp? Tihrp!
by noTmYreaLnamE April 03, 2013
A name attributed to Fightstar. The pretentious Emo band fronted by Charlie Simpson, formerly of Busted.
Fightstar?! Shitestar more like!!
by notmyrealname July 30, 2005
Aka. Shitestar.

A mediocre Emo band, consisting of Charlie Simpson (Ex-Busted) and some of his mates.

Vaguely talented, but completely blighted by Simpson's pretentious attitude.

Since leaving Busted, Simpson has allegedly been heard to frequently utter (from beneath his over-straightened mop) "It's all about the music". Whatever.
I went to see Fightstar last night, and they were rubbish.
by notmyrealname July 30, 2005

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