giving someone head in a field with 5 or less people watching and practising other sexual postions
fancy a field trip?
yeahh boii
by Zozzums January 22, 2009
Top Definition
1. a trip to a place usualy for educational purpose; an excuse to get out of school
2. a trip over to a field
1. I didnt have to go to school cause I went on a field trip
by shippo December 13, 2004
When an officer on the battlefield gets wounded, and they give him so much drugs, that hes trippin balls.
Sgt. Johnson went on a field trip after he got shot in Vietnam.
by Halo 2 Killa February 16, 2006
A way try to make school more fun and exciting. But most of the time they are just as bad or worse as being in school.
Teacher: we are going on field trip children.
Students: woot! where are we going?
Teacher: we are going to Six Flags but instead of going on the rides we are going to do algebraic problems Isn't that exciting!
Students: ah fuck!
by Un-Holy Jebus January 05, 2009
When you go to a store (preferrably a bulk store like Sam's Club) and go through every aisle due to extreme boredom
I went to Sam's and took a field trip.
by carcrazer9 February 20, 2011
Used for when you and your significant other (girlfriend or boyfriend) decide to skip school and have sexual relations.
Bob: Where were you today dude?
Steve: I was on a field trip with Sally.
Bob: Nice.
by BillionaireBoysClub99 September 19, 2010
tripping on lsd or any hallucinogen during school hours
Joe went on a field trip without the rest of his class, NAH'M SAYIN?

by Jelard March 22, 2012
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