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one who is known for frequently having sexual relations with men she has not met before, does not have any leadership skills, is white with unmanageable negro hair, and is often mistaken for a rat
"man stephanie's such a field mouse."
by iunno January 14, 2008
a female, the rural equivalent of a hoodrat, but dresses like where they are from, i.e. jeans, pearl snap button ups, cut off jean shorts, cowboy boots, chuck taylor converse. Is down for the cause and is a team player. will fight, stab, move weight, has sex in public places, pee's outside when drunk.

mostly found coming from the rural areas of a big city.
dude this chick thought i was someone else and threw a drink at me then Cass got all "field mouse" on her.
by daecos May 09, 2011
when you have the unfortunate luck of being hung like a field mouse
josh m from J Alexander's, Mi
by pones McChicken Fingaz December 09, 2003
Hand in Texas Hold'em, a 5-3 off suit. It's just so tiny.
I thought I had a field mouse, but it turned out they were suited. Way too powerful a hand for the field mouse.
by bs February 14, 2005

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