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1)- Phrase used by dumbasses playing Poker to justify a bad beat they just put on another player. Meaning that they played the hand horribly, making every wrong decision possible, but since they had two suited cards, it is OK. Usually found at low limit games or online.

2)- Phrase mocking the above dumbass player by people who know what they are doing. Used in jest.
1)- Player 1- "How can you cold call three raises before the Flop with a 5-2?"
Moron- "I had a flush and a straight draw"
Player 1- "A FIVE HIGH flush draw?"
Moron- "But they were suited..."
Player 1- (Usually swears here)

2)- Good Player 1- "Ha! I should call your raise with this hand" (Flips over 7-3 of spades)
Good Player 2- "Huh? Why would you do that?"
Good Player 1- (sarcastically) "Because they were suited of course"
by ACG2x May 05, 2005
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