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3 definitions by Rainifer


A term in which your dick appears to be very small.
"How was the date?"
"Heh, it was good, he's a nice guy"
"Didja suck his dick"
"Y'know... I tried but I couldn't find it; he's seriously hung like a field mouse down there."
by Rainifer December 09, 2008
28 12
A term in which you are referring to something being completely serious and or real.
"Hey, I just took the biggest shit. On some real junk".
"On some real junk, that's really too much information.."
by Rainifer December 09, 2008
2 0
A word predominantly used in the Rochester, NY area among youths to describe something cool.

"Yo son, do you see that?"
"See what?!"
"That kids sneaks; they are too blood."
by Rainifer December 08, 2008
7 23