To describe an alphabetised compilation of words that are slang, nonsensical or otherwise invented. Often these are corrupted or compounded real words or influenced through pop culture.
- 'Have you heard of the new word lesbro?'

- 'Yes, I read it in the fictionary.'

The Urban Dictionary is an example of Fictionary
by StevewithaK March 31, 2009
fake, not real, made up, invented or created out of thin air. similar to fiction but a tad bit more high class/high brow
your really good at making up stories, you should be a fictionary writer.
by Melania F December 11, 2006
A dictionary containing made-up words, mostly used to cheat at scrabble.
"That's not a real word!"
"Look it up in the fictionary"
by fictional May 30, 2016
A collection of definitions of abbreviations, false words, memes, and any alternative phrasing.
"What's gtfo mean?"
"Look it up in the fictionary"
by genericguy February 07, 2015
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