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To achieve gaming excellence of a legendary standard upon a fruit-based, motion-sensitive, touch-screen celluar telecommunications device through skill and perseverance.

A 21st century pun on the icon, itself derivative of the Greek word 'eikon', meaning image.
- 'Observe the high numerical value displayed upon the screen, thus proving I my iPhonic abilities.'

- 'Your dexterity in handling this portable gaming device does indeed hint at iPhonic qualities.'
by stevewithak February 12, 2010
To describe an alphabetised compilation of words that are slang, nonsensical or otherwise invented. Often these are corrupted or compounded real words or influenced through pop culture.
- 'Have you heard of the new word lesbro?'

- 'Yes, I read it in the fictionary.'

The Urban Dictionary is an example of Fictionary
by StevewithaK March 31, 2009
A derogatory noun in which an offending letter F has been replaced with a D.

Designed to circumvent censorship and prevent the offence of delicate sensibilities in polite company.

Created by Richard Curtis in the film 'Four Weddings and a Funeral'.
- Aw, hell, that chick is a real F...Duckface.
by stevewithak June 09, 2010
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