An action when you have sexual affairs with a plant/tree.
Person 2: Dude, you have problems.
by CoombertaStudios February 11, 2010
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German translation for "fuck"
"i am so horny--fick me!"
by foxayladay March 03, 2005
German version of "fuck".
I want to fick the girl next door
by nerdbimbo August 23, 2011
When you're running out of texting characters and you want to say "Fucking dick"
"Did he ever text you back!"

"No he was being such a fick!"
by Chunksforfreee July 30, 2012
a redneck version of saying fuck when mad.

"fik you, you fuckin' knitwit"
by asfd777 February 14, 2012
a toilet machine that works like a bandaid smoking a tree bong.
What the fick.
by bread infection December 05, 2009
Prince charming. Specifically a fantastic man that everyone should meet before they die. Most everyone hasnt met this man. But one day, we all will.
Was that Fick?!?!

No, that was a look-alike

Oh, dang :
by Ficklelover February 28, 2009

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