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Prince charming. Specifically a fantastic man that everyone should meet before they die. Most everyone hasnt met this man. But one day, we all will.
Was that Fick?!?!

No, that was a look-alike

Oh, dang :
by Ficklelover February 28, 2009
a conjunction of the words "fucking" and "sick." With the intention of saving air and increasing the ability to fit large profanities into smaller and similar looking words
dude brah, that dirt bike is really fick!

how was the party michael?
totally FICK!
by jacktotheh September 16, 2008
a fick is a shriveled up monkey penis
he thought he was huge but when the pants dropped he had a little fick
by reggie gangsta March 17, 2010
Go fick yourself
by Shusay January 29, 2003
The act of inserting a fully erect penis into the opponents equally erect penis.
"Hey, its ficking time!"
"Fuck yes lobks, let's fick!"
"Your hair smells nice"
by AnonymTENDICKS February 10, 2008
A fCUkiNG diCk
Omg, your such a fick !
by yOUR_MOM101 December 19, 2009
An ironic synonym for thick. Use it for someone undeserving of the term thickor so retarded that they probably wouldn't understand the difference or I find it useful when sarcasm comes to play. Beware though a chav would use this term as a serious insult.
"Am I being fick?"

"Shit you're fick"

"A general fuckwit, sharing the intellectual qualities of the likes of George W Bush"

"oh my god mo fo you call me fick??"
by Sasha December 07, 2004