Female dick aka Vagina or vag
"Suck my fick asshole"


Your teacher tells you to stop talking in class so you reply with :

"Why dont you shut up and suck my fick you old fuck."
by LeyLeyDePanama November 14, 2009
Something one says when you are angry, but laughing at the same time.

Once appeared in a youtube video depicted below.
"You did that? you shut off my xbox without me knowing? oh Fick you guys are hilarious!
by The youtube gods January 27, 2009
Can be used as a noun to describe an ugly or fat woman or as an adjective to serve the same function.
Noun: "That girl is fick."

Esp, as an adjective: "Ew, she has the fick face," and "That girl is fick nasty."
by Bax_Follower March 16, 2008
to describe a fickle person; a fick. especially ironic due to its similarities with fuck.
"you fick!"

"your such a fick, you!"

"fick, fick, fick"

"fucking fick"
by tiaw August 20, 2005
one's mistake of an attemp to state the word fck(F-word). Some perpousely say this to make fun of one.
dude, fick you(laughs), i cant believe you would do something like that.
by enjoiskate78 March 16, 2007
every male version of a skeet bag (a skeet bag is a slut)
A.Lubin your the biggest fick!
by danielle and jaime December 14, 2005
the male skeet bag (a skeet bag is a slut)
your such a fick i hate you!
by jbsfasfjjas December 14, 2005

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