Acronym for Fuckin' Game Time
Daniel: "Hey, is the Sugar Bowl on?"
Ben:"Shyeah it's FGT."
by danielsroth December 31, 2010
An acronym which stands for Fucking Gay Troll. Will hopefully be commonly used in the Youtube world someday.
Jim: "Man this guy wrote a hurtful comment on my Youtube video talking about how small my penis is. Is it because I'm black?"

Jamal: "No man, he is just a hating fgt that wishes he could be like you."

Jim: "Thanks man, I love you, full-homo."
by Lightstar53 August 05, 2011
FUCKIN GAME TIME or (FGT) - a term referring to a crew of exclusive alcohlic friends who drink and throw parties every day. Also used as an expression to announce the beginning of a one of these parties.
Your now a member of FGT, lets take some shots.

Vin: Do you know what time it is?
by VinFGT March 04, 2009
Common abbreviation for the word fighter.
I am teh ultimaet fgt!!!1
by Pankakke July 20, 2006
A word used by emo's and scenesters, to appear trendy, and "non-conforming."
OMG liek Im such a fgt. ~ some Nexopia user
by emoh8r December 29, 2005
An abbreviation for 'flagstaff'

Do you see the flag raised on the fgt?

This fgt is pretty big!
by Johnthebaptist October 29, 2007
Acronym for Fatty Green Teeth. A fat, ogrelike mess with complete disregard for life. Always runs like he shit his pants and has green teeth.
Justin Thessen: Hey, did you see the new Shrek?
Joseph: Yeah, that was the one staring FGT!
by Rob Cavera October 07, 2007

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