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You could either say "figgis-fiddis" or "F-G-S-F-D-S", but however you say it, it is the one word that makes no sense whatsoever at all. It all started when someone on 4chan replied to a post with "fgsfds". Oryan (a 4chan user) soon shopped the phrase into a pic of some old dude (talk show host, probably) and now everyone on /b/ posts it. When somebody confuses you by saying something that makes no sense, simply say "fgsfds".
Dude One: "Isn't the TV donut high in fat kazoo?"
Dude Two: "I thought that all your base are belong to us"
Dude Three: "fgsfds"
Dudes 1 & 2: "What the fuck?"
by Hand Hanzo April 01, 2005
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A meme that originated on a 4chan thread around 2005 when someone replied to a post that stated "Post ending in 'X' (some number) will become a meme." This anonymous person typed the random text “fdsfgs” (probably by tapping the keyboard randomly with their left hand) and hit Enter and, through sheer dumb luck, earned a GET (their post number happened to match the OP request.) Everyone in the thread declared that a new MEME had been born. Someone put the phrase on a picture of Wolf Blitzer – and the history.
'fgsfds' needs no example since it is not really a word that anyone in their right mind would utter, unless they're an uncultured dumbshit. In fact, if I ever hear some stupid kid say "figgis-fiddis" or any other 4chan shit like that I'll punch them in their stupid face.
by derithian January 16, 2012
used to explain something you know nothing about or to confuse others into submission.
Person: hey what dose this mean?
other: the answer to your complex question is fgsfds.
by the hero gotham deserves April 04, 2011
fgsfds is a random string produced by typing random letters with your left hand on a standard QWERTY keyboard. The reason people use there left hand is they (usually) have a mouse in the right hand.
cutebunny442: Mmmm I agree
mallchin: fgsfds
cutebunny442: What?
by mallchin August 01, 2008
For God's Sake, Fuck Dat Shit
"Tags: ..."


"Your name (or pseudonym): ..."

by fgsfds! August 31, 2008
A random character string which, through its slyness and intelligence, somehow managed to get past Urban Dictionary's screeners and now has several definitions.
fgsfds. Hey, I just put together some random characters and invented a word! Will Urban Dictionary accept it?
by redblade77 April 11, 2008
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