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for gods sake

the nicer version of ffs
fgs why didn't you help me.
by Quazzy July 23, 2004
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First Girlfriend Syndrome

A condition induced by a man's (or boy's) first girlfriend. Characterized by excessive PDA, constant giggling and tickling, loss of priorities and individuality/manhood, distancing from friends, and general increase in bitchness. Known to upset the "Bros before Hoes" mantra of guy code.
Yo, invite Ted and Luke over, let's get bombed!

Nah dude, they came down with FGS, remember?

Oh right, I forgot they're bitch-made now. Fucking FGS.
by MichaelScarn69 July 20, 2011
Fanny Gallops (English/Australian term)

A female boner
That guy is so hot, I've got the FGs!
by Diana DJ October 07, 2011
"Faceless-goon Syndrome"- When a movie, TV, or Video Game character becomes generic fodder, because you never see his/her/its face.
All those Jaffa & Wraith from Stargate suffer from FGS.
by quirkyduckmatter September 13, 2009
"Fucking Get Some", commonly used when doing something above and beyond regular activity. Used commonly in conjunction with military endeavors, such as shooting at the enemy, running fast, climbing, jumping from airplanes etc. Can also be used in social situations like giving speeches, talking to girls, taking tests and paying bills.
Jack went on a 20 mile road march, as he was leaving his buddy exclaimed "FGS".

While fighting the enemy, the Squad Leader yelled "FGS"
by adamfitz53 August 12, 2010
FGS (Forrest Gump Syndrome) originates from the southern United States. It has since spread to the northern parts of the US. It can be as small as simply saying "y'all" or a full blown southern accent (or "Texas drawl").

Texas drawl - A stereotypical word used to describe the supposed speech patterns of the citizens of Texas.

FGS can be treated by exposure to areas in the northern United States (New York, Massachusetts, etc) though the length of confinement to treat FGS varies, depending on how serious the case and the attitude of the diseased.

There are several ways a person can catch FGS. The most common way to catch FGS is direct exposure. A person who lives/visits a southern state for a period of time (depends on how they adapt to change) may catch FGS. This may also happen if the person lives with someone who is already diagnosed with FGS.

Though this disease has just now started being recognized, it has infected millions over the centuries. Relationships between Americans has helped spread FGS because of conversations between a person diagnosed with FGS and a FGS-free person.

FGS is...
Highly Contagious
Highly Flammable (because it's hawt)
"When I moved to Texas, I caught FGS."

"I think my roommate gave me FGS!"
by Texbutt&Masshole © May 09, 2009
Fine Girl Syndrome/Fine Guy Syndrome.
A social disorder which occurs when one, from an early age, is aware of the power of their beauty/fine-ness. This allows them to go through life without ever having to use their wit or intellect to get what they want in life. This in turn leaves them severely underdeveloped socially, making them wonder why their ex-boyfriends/ex-girlfriends call them "crazy dickhead" or "insane bitch" after a few months.
Man, that crazy dickwad has FGS.
Man, that crazy bitch has FGS.
by FTD October 09, 2006

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