A elite chatroon within AOL that pwns people and causes much disarray with newb scum who like to complain about the chatroom to there friends in places like wal-mart.
"FFC Roxxors your sockzors"
"CAP DOWN!!!!"
by Ragato February 09, 2005
Full Fur Contact-Unshaved Woman's Pussy
Yo dog I got some nasty FFC this weekend. That shit could have caused a forest fire. Not Sound Bro! I had to dip out!
by fagy mcfagtastic July 31, 2007
Short for Francis Ford Coppola. Acclaimed director of such films as "The Godfather" trilogy and "Apocalypse Now".
What are you up to?
Not much, I'm watching Apocalypse Now Redux
That's such a sweet movie. FFC is so godly.
by Mothyr Goose August 18, 2009
Full Fantastic Combo!!! Used to describe a certain score on the dance simulation game "In The Groove."

Dude! I finally got a FFC on Delirium!
by qwv May 27, 2005
Fuck Face Chris, any person who moves on on a girlfriend before the boyfriend has time to try to win her back. most ffc's strike in within 6 days of seperation.this is uncool and a total breaking of the rules of being a guy. the fc loses all rights ot a name and is for always refered as ffc. "hey guess what ffc did?"
"hey that guy just ffc'd you. or hey you look emotional and vunderable let me sooth your tears with my pretty face and big penis regardless of teh fact your boyfriend is a friend/aquantiance of mine.
that guy is a ffc. he just moved on on your ex with out your consent kick his ass!
by the guy rules April 19, 2005
One who disregards all the rules of humanity which John Locke set forth to become a civil society, especially in the regions of girlfriend stealing and being a general douche.
"That guy is an FFC look at his stupid clothes and that whore he is with. I dont trust his ass at all."
by drew November 05, 2004

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