face to face; usually used in the internet referring to such action.
Chad: Hey, you like Jasmine right? Why don't you tell her f-f?
Me: No dude! I left my balls in my mom's basement.

Michelle: Hey, I need to tell you something important.
Me: Sure, what is it?
Michelle: I can't. I have to tell you f-f.

Me: -___- Is it about John again?
Michelle: ...Yea
Me: F you, you know I've had feelings for you too. You dense motherfucker
by Captain Nothingness February 13, 2014
Fucking Funny
This shit is FF or Fucking Funny
by uncle Brian c. November 28, 2014
Friendly fuck
Bob: Totally fucked a chick last night

Rob: Man u in love?

Bob: No it was a FF.
by Lanban November 30, 2010
Fucking Fit
That dude is FF!
by FFluver January 12, 2009
"ff" is a term used to define what kind of porn you're going to find in the link it gives you. "ff" refers to female on female action. get ready for the lesbians!
Whoa! This story says it has "FF" in it! LESBIAN ACTION!
by lemonlime December 07, 2004
Ff Is short for forbidden friends. It's when friend 1 & friend 2 wants to be biffles but their separate group of friends are like da fuq. like really. I can have play dates with anyone I want
Friend 1 : lets have a play date.

Friend 2: omg yes!

friend 1's group: dude why are you with friend 2, it's not that I don't like him/her, it's just wierd.

Friend 1: but she's like my biffle.
Friend 1's group: we're your biffles ugh. when did you start to ditch us.

friend 2's group: why are you suddenly hanging out with friend 1?
friend 2: you don't like her/him?
friend 2's group: we do but like it's weird. You're supposed to be with us.

like honestly. You need to stop and let friend 1 & 2 have other friends besides forcing them to hang out with your group.
by yafeelmebrah September 12, 2013
favorite friend
I went shopping with FF today
by pattyshychen February 14, 2012

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