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Sorri is a word developed in southern New York that is generally used in reference to something that is pitiful and embarrassing; sorri time is the common phrase that's used, and it's colloquial uses are very broad.
When Tobi had her son Ben and realized he was mentally retarded, the doctor quickly responded to the shocked look on her face by saying "looks like you have some sorri time ahead".
by Gabriel Murayama February 17, 2010
a sarcastic sorry. used around your friends or others.
can also be dragged out to create more emphasis

Steve: dude, did you eat the last doughnut?

Earl: ya sorr-i
by spicoli324 March 09, 2010
When your'e in so much shit. Instead of saying sorry you say sorri to add a little humor and make the person thats mad at you a little less mad even tho they're are probably gonna end up beatting the shit out of you still.
Mom:Wtf, why didn't you clean your room.


Mom:Hah it's ok no go do it now!
by GregizzleYo February 18, 2008
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